Welcome to 2MG Inc.

2MG Inc. is a pharmaceutical organization based and operating in the Philippines. 2MG Inc. is engaged in the marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical products acquired through licensing and supply agreements with many international companies. 2MG Inc.  is a  Philippine-based pharmaceutical distributor engaged in the business of importation, registration, distribution, and marketing of Anti-Infective, Pulmo, oncology  & other therapeutic products across the Philippines.

Having a strong vision for the future in generic pharmaceuticals, with primary interests in the importation and distribution of the finished formulation developments and supplies. Emphasizing on quality technology, 2MG Inc. carries products from reputed pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world whose manufacturing facilities are approved by various regulatory bodies (PIC/S, EU, TGA, MHRA, USFDA).

Since its establishment, the company has established a wide-spread distribution network of ethical products for a number of National and Multinational companies in the country.

We, at 2MG Inc., commit ourselves to service excellence in the promotion and delivery of essential, as well as technologically-advanced, medical products that are within reach of the average Filipino.

As we pursue our journey, we aim to contribute to man’s general welfare by supplying products that are Effective, High Quality, Safe to Use and Affordable.

Our Vision

To play a significant role among the pharmaceutical companies in The Philippines, delivering high quality yet affordable products and services that improve the quality of Filipino lives it touches

2MG was specifically formed so as to make a strong presence in the branded generic the market of the Philippines.